08 July, 2008

After the adventures of the night before, it wasn’t surprising that I got up at 3pm yesterday. I hadn’t slept properly for a few days. I wanted to go visit the Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, where Oscar Wilde is buried, and thought sunset would be a good time for photography there. There were some problems with the Metro. We were diverted from a station and I had to take a longer route. There will big military men with dogs in the stations and even in some trains. This was the day that I had decided to take my tripod stand along and so it hung on my shoulder almost like a weapon, but they didn’t so much as even notice my tripod-stand case!

The cemetery was closed. I had arrived too late in the day.

Next I wanted to head out to the Eiffel tower and the Seine, to make use of the tripod stand that I had brought all the way. That trip proved fruitful, and you can see some pictures on Flickr by clicking the link above. However, that too was cut short because I ran out of batteries after a while.
Note: Photographs from the day are on Flickr and can be viewed by clicking here.

I had been afraid of taking the tripod stand, but I felt very comfortable, even important, for example, when old couples would stand, smile and admire my admiration of the Eiffel tower as I photographed it.

Today I want to go to the Musée d'Orsay. It is housed in the old Orsay railway station built in 1900. The museum opened in 1986 and while it showcases many forms of artistic expression, it is most famous for its impressionist paintings.

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andy chen said...

the eiffel tower is so incredibly beautiful. seems like you have a new nassau hall.

really want to visit paris one day.