16 August, 2008

28"x44" ~ pastel on paper

Even though the girl in the drawing is blind, she was very eager to pose for this picture... I think it comes through.

13 August, 2008

So some time ago I tried something (which I thought was) very interesting and now it is finally ready to be viewed. It might be a little like going to the Modern Art museum in the Centre Pompidou and staring at three big, white, completely blank square canvases which have been carefully arranged next to each other on a large white wall. Such art either seems like a joke played by the artist to fool the viewer or, conversely, it may be read as very profound. In this case, the "painting" was part of the modern movement and was testing just how far you could take minimalism... how could you avoid repeating yourself when everything has already been said and done? At least thats what I got out of it.

For my special arrangement, I took sketches and paintings that I had done, and cut them up into 90 regular 8.5"x11" cards, which I bound into a sketchbook. Cut arbitrarily like this, some "paintings" remain complete images (albeit almost always cropped in an interesting way), and others acquire a more abstract quality, so that one can stop worrying about the subject and simply trace the composition of forms, the splash of colors, the energy and movement of pencil lines...

You can view the gallery by clicking here, or on any of the images above.

10 August, 2008

11"x17" ~ watercolor on paper