02 July, 2008

Martin A. Dale '53 Award. Princeton University.

Do you have an idea for a summer project to explore a new area of interest, live out a dream, or develop your creativity or leadership skills?

If so, you should apply for the Martin A. Dale '53 Summer Awards.

This award gives Princeton sophomores a $4,000* stipend to fund special summer projects. Past projects have included:

  • Special programs or projects in the creative arts
  • Community service projects
  • Programs of study that DON'T satisfy academic requirements at Princeton or independent study projects
  • International travel and exploration designed to fulfill a goal

Proposals for participation in formal “structured” programs generally receive less consideration.


wlllle blogged said...

Hi. I'm from Singapore, Anderson Junior College. My friends and I are currently working on a project on our local foodcourts. Can you help us to do a survey? Your response will be of a great help to us. Can you help me to spread to your friends too? Thank you so much.


Andy Chen said...

yay! you're living out your dream!