29 July, 2008

The Moleskine sketchbook that Bronson gave me on my birthday has been a very close companion on my trip. Because I easily forget things, the sketchbook has served as a guide and reminder. It has notes, phone numbers, hand-drawn maps copied from the internet, sketches and drawings, and also journal entries. These entries are not really for anyone to see but just for me to look back to and recall certain key moments and emotions in their freshness.

The sketchbook also held various cards, guides, tickets, and brochures at different times, and has grown and evolved as I have myself.

I have photographed pages with drawings of Greek and Roman sculpture from the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay. They have been a focus for me in Paris. Not only do they display great artistic skill and beauty, they also carry mysterious narratives. I care little about who these people are – I am interested in interpreting them myself and ascribing narratives to their lives. This may be the beginning of further exploration.

You will also find two sketches I did rather hastily during the light and sound show at the Red Fort in Delhi – it was dark and photography was not allowed. I look at these sketches and can relive the excitement of the show I experienced that night.


andy chen said...

zthese are amazing. i like the sketches from the pentagram talk -- feels like that was ages and ages ago.

the expressiveness of the faces makes me understand how insufficient photography can often be in trying to capture the essence of somebody's personality as it exists in that still moment.

periscope said...

Life and colour. They are synonymous.

To be so talented at something and then getting what you deserve, you should be proud of yourself. Good luck, though this has less to do with luck and everything to do with yourself :)

periscope said...

oh and I want that notebook.

arataster said...

It's beautiful.

'nuff said. Sigh.